Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I wish I had photos of Master P these past few days. But even if I did I wouldn't be able to post just yet. I need to get my software uploaded to my new computer. Note to self.

He's a walking fool! It's so frackin' funny to watch. We spent the better part of yesterday morning walking across the den and busting flat on his face every few steps. He loved it-laughed the whole time.

W and I are making headway with the potty training. Like I said, baby steps. The first day he would only wear the big boy underwear for a few minutes. Yesterday I got him to wear them from 5 until bedtime. He told me he needed to pee pee, then pee his underwear and was quite beside himself. We went to the potty and I distracted him from the Pull ups (he desperately wanted them back on) and we went about our merry afternoon. But he was so proud. He told J when he came home that he was wearing his bbu's.

My only problems is that I think he's now holding it, #1 and #2. It's amazing the amount of mental and physical control these little tykes will hold over our head, isn't it?

AND he has been dressing himself. Yay, W!

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