Sunday, January 21, 2007

#1 Rule of being a Saint's Fan

If J has learned anything from being married to me he would know that the #1 Rule of being a Saint's Fan is to not be hungover when they play in the NFC Championships. Guess who is no longer allowed to be a Saint's Fan?

I'm ready. I've got my Who Dat shirt on-a beautiful gold tank with black fleur de lis and many small rhinestones formed to look like a large fleur de lis over my left breast. My sister-in-law also was a kind enough Who Dat (that's how Who Dat's are, kind) to paint a black fleur de lis on my right cheek to offset the rhinestone fleur de lis.

Let's bow our heads and say a prayer for the boys in black and gold as they go forward on this NFC Championship day. May we be with them in all black and gold spirit if we are not able to be with them in body. WHOOOOO DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!

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