Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Olives, Olives and more Olives

W is finally getting settled into the new house. He is letting me go to the kitchen while he is still playing in the den and tends to hang out in his room when I want to run to mine to get the phone. If you ask him if he wants to go to W's room he's off in that direction so I think he likes it. It is my favorite room in the house too. But he especially loves the front and backyards and is constantly whining to go out. We went out today to bring in the garbage cans and he wouldn't let me back in. I resigned myself to freezing outside while he toddled around the yard talking about the plants and other things. It was so cold that my mouth got numb as I was trying to talk on the phone. I finally had to bring him kicking and screaming back inside. It was about that time...to go to Mimo and Papa's. Papa was furiously trying to cook the quails they were having for dinner before Mimo got home from Bridge. She doesn't particularly like Papa in the kitchen due to the inevitable mess he makes. But the outcome is always delicious and he enjoys it so much. You'd think she would be able to overlook the mess. Anyway, to keep W out of his tasmanian devil path I put him in his chair and gave him a tomatoe for supper. He ate a whole one yesterday over there. Didn't want it. You just never know, do you? He saw me eating an olive so I gave it to him. He had 4 jumbo olives for dinner. If the pimento had fallen out he wouldn't eat it. If it was still in it he didn't know it and gobbled it up. That can't be good for him. Can it? Well if ate half a pb&j back here and drank a bottle so I think all that combined can qualify for dinner-peanutbutter for protein, olive for good fat and the pimento for a vegetable? Sounds good to me. Tasted good to him.

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