Monday, January 22, 2007


Okay-so the Bears beat us but atleast all the fans had fun up until then. We watched the game on our puny tv. I wanted to have a big party but a. J didn't want a lot of talking and b. there were really only 4 good seats to watch the puny tv. and c. I am not sure how many people would want to spend such a crucial game watching it on the puny tv so we didn't have a party. But we made wings and good salami and cheddar sandwhiches. I also made turkey, avocado, red pepper, brie and chutney sandwhiches which would have be delicious had I not used the too thick ciabatta bread.

So today is Monday and I've gotten a lot of organizing done around the house while the little buddy is sleeping. Even called about the fireplace screen that we need for the mammoth fireplace we have. Turns out it will have to be a custom order since it's so big. Ugh. Nothing is easy.

We're slowly getting settled. My goal is to have emptied out the old house by next Tuesday and get a cleaning service in there to clean so we can start showing it to sell. I will be very relieved when that is all in the past. I loved that place and there are definitely some things I will miss, especially the memories of the Little Buddy growing up over there. But I know there will be many fun new memories over here. I'm looking forward to it.

J and I ate at Crepe Nanou on Friday night. I have to say it and I hate saying it but it sucked. My fish was so charred I didn't even eat it. I feel like it's gone down since the storm-the quality of the food which makes me sad because it was always like going to a good cook's house for dinner. Nothing too fancy, but always good. This is like the 3rd meal in the past few months that I have not enjoyed there. The mussels were exceptionally good though. Of course I won't abandon it entirely but I will definitely take a break before going back.

This week coming up J has first pick on dinner destinations since he didn't get to choose where we went on his birthday. He thinks it's funny that I'll have to go to one of the restaurants that I cannot stand and he still thinks Nirvana is an option. It's not. I'll go anywhere else, but I cannot go there. If anyone can recommend another Indian restaurant that he may like I would love you forever.


motherofG said...

why do you hate Nirvana?
There is a place on the westbank that my Indian friends like. I will ask about it.

NolaMom said...

I don't know really. We went for father's day brunch and it was a disaster. I felt like I was at a bad, dirty truck stop cafeteria (I like good truck stop cafeterias by the way)It was really bad. I would welcome another suggestion because I do enjoy Indian food.