Thursday, January 18, 2007

Angelina is becoming a NOLA Mom like me!

For those of you who don't know, Angelina and Brad are moving to NOLA. I asked Angelina if I could I write about it and although she wasn't thrilled she understood that I had an obligation to my fans and that I would compromising my blogger integrity if I didn't. Rumors were flying, fast and furiously about where they were living and where the kids were going to school. Some said Trinity, others Newman, other the French Immersion school. Some said parents had to sign a release and that Newman was way too white bread for them.

Here's the scoop.

They bought an historic mansion in the French Quarter.
The kids are going to the French Immersion School. Ange told me that the immersion schools in San Fran were very good and that's why they started looking into it in NOLA.
She wants to hang out with normal moms like herself who won't judge her for wearing a vial of blood around her neck... because that's normal. She laughed when I interjected that. She can be so funny in a self-deprecating sort of way. Anyway, there's the skinny if you haven't heard it already.

W fell asleep in his crib sitting up today. I should have taken a picture. Next time.


Anonymous said...

She's a freak.

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