Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fear of walking?

We were on our way home from the playground today around 4pm. I came to a stop sign and a car came up beside me-white with tinted windows-I kept going and he didn't. I got half way down the block and the dude was still sitting there watching us walk down the street. I was scared. I picked up my cell phone and called a friend. Told her what was happening. She asked where I was, exactly, so if I "I got kidnapped we will know from where you were taken." I thanked her for her concern, seriously. We were laughing, but we were serious. He finally drove away but I knew for sure that he was going to make the block and come get me. That is what it's come to, here in New Orleans. I grew up in this city, not in the suburbs, in the city, and am very aware of my surroundings. As far back as I can remember, I was taught to look around, be aware and hurry up inside, when it was dark. I accept that as a part of life in a city, at night. It's sad that now I feel like that during the day. It's more than sad now that I have a sweet baby with me to protect.

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