Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I hope today was better than the last
although it wasn't too bad and went by pretty fast.

We woke up as usual and bundled up good
Took off for some hot coffee like we usually would.

We talked to the customers and and did a little dance
Gave everyone high five as if it was his last chance.

Once we got home I went Walmart
And W took a nap so that he could have a fresh start.

15 minutes after he went to sleep
The roofers came (who certainly aren’t cheap).

They woke up the little buddy with all of the banging such
I wanted to scream, "You think you’d be quieter since we’re paying you that much"

So we played around the house and was in a surprisingly good mood.
He drank some milk and ate a little food.

Until the time came for the desperately needed nap
He didn’t want to take it and put up a flap.

But he was a much happier kid when he finally woke up.
W looked at me like, “What’s for sup?”

So this day I thought I’d try something new
“I got Vienna Sausages! Just for you!”

He smeared them into a delicious paste
Another thing down the drain, what a waste.

So I tried some yogurt, he’ll always eat that.
He spit it out twice, like it would make him fat.

Here's your milk. You win, you win.
I won't give you Vienna sausages ever again.

I cooked dinner early and thought he would eat some peas
"What are you stupid?" W said, "Momma, please."

So the day was over and it was night night time
If I hadn’t started a “no wine” resolution the night would have been sublime.

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