Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Walk tall and carry a big stick

I learned that expression from my parents. My mom takes it literally. She's always apt to carry a big stick wether it's hiking in the woods or walking around the park. She does it for steadiness in the mountains and protection in New Orleans. W must have inherited that gene from her but HE does it to have a good time. Papa came over and watched the Little Buddy this afternoon while Mimo and I went to preview some furniture for the my empty house. Boy, they must have had a good time. When we got back, W had TWO sticks he had found on their walk outside, the house was a mess and Papa's Wall Street Journal looked as if it had never been touched. When he left, W promptly stuck out his lip, it began quivering and then it developed into a full blown wail. It was kind of sad. Well it was really sad. I couldn't even be jealous that he wasn't more happy to see me because it melted my heart that the Little Buddy loves Papa just as much as I do.

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