Friday, January 26, 2007

Singing class for Tots

We went to singing class again this morning. W was in quite an outgoing mood and jumped right in the minute we arrived. Last week he kept to himself and my side. The teacher had a bunch of big blow up balls. The tots went crazy. They loved them. I must get some for our back yard. Anyway, he's not much for following directions. A lot of the babies weren't and although the teacher is very laid back at times I could tell she was getting impatient if the moms weren't making them do what she wanted. For example at one point she wanted them to sit in our laps. W was not having any part of it. He was standing there mesmerized by her so I didn't force the issue. This time she sang more familiar songs. My friend K and I still didn't know them but atleast it was easier to sing along to them then the random french songs she sang last time. Dance time was at the end of class. He didn't want to dance so he and I just twirled around a bit so as not to piss off the teacher. He liked it but just wanted to play with the big bouncing ball.

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