Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Home Sweet Home?

We're still trying to get settled here at the new house. I still don't really believe yet that it's our new home. There are a few things that need tweaking although I do really love it. It's just that it doesn't feel like home. I guess after living in one place for so long it will take awhile to adjust. I have to wear a hat in the den at night because of the glare from the massive chandelier. It must have something like 1 gabillion watts of light. J makes fun of me but the hat makes all the difference in the world. I'll have to do something about it because I think even my sassy beach hat is going to get old.

W is still getting used to everything too. He is my shadow. He follows me everywhere from one corner of a room to another and he is still getting used to the threshholds and is tripping more often than usual. He kind of looks like a raggamuffin with all of his dings on his head. Poor Little Buddy, he really has been a trooper.

My favorite part about the move is that I have quickly taught W that my shoe cubby holes (that I have talked about in previous posts) are a no no. I knew it was going to be an issue since they are at his level and the minute he saw them he promptly began pulling out my shoes. It was socks at the old house and it used to drive me nuts. He would pull them out in the morning when I was taking a cat nap and J was watching him and and night when J got home and took the LB upstairs to change. J never seemed to care. They weren't his socks. So I nipped the shoe thing in the bud the minute it started. Now he goes straight for J's shoes. and J is so neat and tidy I know it's killing him. Even though his shoes are in cubby holes just like mine, they even look neater than mine. It's just the way he is. Instead of Beauty and the Geek, it's Sloppy and Tidy. Ha! Not so catchy, I guess. My saving grace is that I'm the primary caregiver and am able to encourage the messing up of Daddy's shoes over Mommy's shoes. Sorry J.

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