Thursday, January 04, 2007

Keds Toe Cap Champions

We went to get a new pair of Keds for the Little Buddy yesterday. I really wanted a pair of red and another pair of white since we had to go barefoot to a friends house the other night since he played in a mud puddle and they were all wet. not that that was a big deal. The freind obviously didn't care but it was frickin' cold outside. So off we went to Haase's, our local children's shoe store. Been around since I was a kid. Much to my dismay they didn't have the traditional toe cap in red. They only had these scooter things. I didn't like them at all. Obviously people do or they wouldn't be selling them. I wasn't sure if Keds just didn't make them anymore or Haase's just wasn't carrying them. Thank goodness for the trusty internet. You know what I found out? I am sure you were wondering. From what I could find out on their website, they don't make them anymore. I even searched ebay and other sites and what I found miffed me even more. There are pink Keds around!!! But no red ones? I think they make them for Nordstroms. So here we sit with only white boring Keds. Not red. Not even blue. Just white.

Now, I always root for the little man. Especially since Katrina. But when prices vary so much I have to look to the internet sometimes. You can buy Keds on the Keds website for $10 cheaper than I have found anywhere. That's a big difference. But there is something to be said for Haase's. I will still buy them there despite the price difference because I am not yet confident in my ability to fit shoes to a toddler. And they are nice and been in the business a long time. But if you know your kid's size and can order them, I say go for it. Oh, and you can buy a pair of Toe Caps right now on ebay for $10, if you are really a bargain hunter.

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