Friday, February 16, 2007

The Christie Cookie Monster

I didn't sleep at ALL last night, doo doo do doo doo,
so it was hard rolling out of bed and barely got to singing class on time. Not to mention, we froze our boodies off walking over there since it was 37 degrees out. Well, no singing today. Not a big deal, W likes to stroll, no matter the weather. We headed off to PJ's for a coffee and kingcake. I called Langensteins' to see if they had any but the line was busy. Turns out it's chaos over there. Don't go unless totally necessary. PJ's is hoping to get them from Randazzo's today so I told them to save me one. Anyway, once we got home one of my closest friends from highschool is in town for the Gras and came over this morning to check out the new house. and with her she brought the famous Christie cookie tin. Her husband is the marketing and sales guru for the company but that's besides the point. When I tell you they are the most delicious, chewy decadent cookies I have ever eaten in my life, I'm not lying. So I had to have one, on the spot at 10 in the morning and I tried to share with W but he just shook his head. Good. The more for me. So they left and I put my cookie on the counter while I went to powder my nose and when I came back it was gone. The only thing I could figure was that the Cookie Monster had stolen it and I was right. W had it gripped in his sweaty little hand while trying to shove the whole half into his mouth (these are big cookies) and he succeeded. He wasn't even hungry. And if you are a regular reader you know that W's not much of an eater. That's the power of the Christie Cookie. They will turn even a picky eater into a Christie Cookie Monster.

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