Monday, February 26, 2007

Oh my word. The days are flying by. I can't seem to get a second to blog. I miss it. I miss my fans! The Little Buddy is having a blast with this awesome weather. Loving the park and our new back yard. Loves to help water our new splotches of grass. (I hope I didn't kill it, it needs a ton of water). He's very glad Mimo and Papa are back in town. Last week we over there for something and he was frantically searching the house for them. They were nowhere to be found. It was sad. So needless to say he was giddy to see them on Sunday. They took him to Daneel Park while we finally moved the rest of the stuff from the old house or 99% of it. Word of advice: pack everything for the movers. Don't think "oh, it's not that much stuff" Kathleen told me so. She was soooo right. It's more than you think.

The LB ate 2 whole pieces of string cheese for dinner. 3 olives (my boy) and a few tomatoes. I finally got some protein in him. He's been living for blueberries so he definitely has his fiber but I was worried about the protein. Tried to sub in the sippy cup for the bottle tonight. No go. He kept spitting out his milk. I'm reluctant to make him go cold turkey because I don't want him to get hungry in the middle of the night.

The jog stroller broke again going around the park. If you happen to come across a blue Nuby cup, it's ours. I was so concerned with getting home in the collapsed stroller that I didn't notice him chunk it on the ground. It killed me-we only have 2-now 1-and I found out the hard way that Langenstein's doesn't sell them anymore AAAAAHHHHHH. Back to Walmart.

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Anonymous said...

I think I found your sip cup. It is a bit mouldy, but still functions okay. Toodles.