Monday, February 05, 2007

I was about to say that the Little Buddy has never been as sick as he was this past weekend. But then I remembered when we had the stomach bug last June. So I think this was right up there with that time. He had 2 ear infections, 103 degree fever and was so congested, there was no comforting him. I took him into our bed 2 nights because nothing else would calm him down and even then he didn't really sleep. It was awful. Today he's still not 100% but he definitely feels better than he did yesterday. The weather forecast for tomorrow is relatively warm-high 60's!!! and I cannot wait to get him playing outside again.

I've kept a journal since I was a kid. Since the move I am reading them all before I destroy them. Each page that I turn on a new book I am more convinced that I need to not just throw them away but destroy them. There are certainly some funny quotes in there and there are plenty of people I write about as if they were my best friends and I have NO CLUE who they are. I would also be able to settle some arguments about whether somebody liked "her or her" because "he" told me and I wrote it down. (Are you following me?) I wrote everything down, so chances are if you know me you're probably glad I'm going to get rid of them too. Ha! Anyway, it's been a blast from the past and I've only got 2 down, something like 15 to go.

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