Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Real quick, cuz I'm pooped. I've been cooking all afternoon-Crawfish Etoufee from the Plantation Cookbook-it was good and fat-(the recipe was perfect and the only thing I added was an extra clove of garlic and I probably wouldn't change anything else except I may add red pepper next time or more Tabasco) and mini cupcakes with cream cheese icing, all out of a box, you know how I love Betty Crocker.

Anyway, I think W is down to only 2 bottles of milk a day and 1 sippy cup!!! Boy, that one bottle makes a difference when I'm hand washing. We used Dr. Brown's and they have all of those pieces parts and it will tucker you out washing them all. He's been eating really well, too! KNOCK ON WOOD!!!!

Here's a sample menu:
Breakfast:3 cereal bars
Snack:3 strawberries
Lunch:2 veggie nuggets, a ton of blueberries
Dinner:Uncrustable PB&J

It's so satisfying when he is eating a lot. I've finally figured out his solid eating schedule. Golly, it took me long enough.

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