Friday, February 23, 2007

We just got back from dinner at Frankie and Johnnie's. I haven't been there in ages and L said they were bringing C tonight so I just invited us along. So kid friendly. Not much cleaner than it was before the storm but still good. I loooove the cheesy cafeteria style iceberg lettuce salads loaded with ranch dressing and L said the burgers were good. She was right. Service sucked but doesn't it always? Anyway, C was having a ball, laughing and talking and W was just pooped from his busy afternoon running around the yard. He has been getting really tired lately. I can barely hold him off for regular naptime or bedtime for that matter. I guess it's a growth spurt. We did see a few smiles. He thought C was really funny, whooping it up and all.

Now we're home. 7:45 on a Friday night. About to watch The Office (and the rest of Grey's Anatomy, if J will let me). Gotta love DVR.

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