Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Weather in New Orleans

Now this is how the weather in New Orleans is supposed to be. It is beautiful and mild and I couldn't be more thankful and neither could W. We got our morning coffee and then took a jaunt around the block. I didn't even have a coat on. It was truly glorious. W was all smiles even with the bucket of snot running down his nose. It's like a faucet. and he was not ready to come inside at all. After his nap and a run to the grocery we played bubbles and ball outside in our new backyard. It was so fun. And it just so happens that I came up with an invention. I don't know what it is but I know it's purpose. To keep the bubble juice from running down your arms. Can't they make a bubble stick that doesn't dribble everywhere?

So after all of that activity he was pooped and he is taking another nap. Thank you. I am exhausted from this mean ole cold since I'm not sleeping at night and was able to get in a catnap too. Now I'm debating on whether to wake the LB up for a quick trip to the park. You never know which side of the bed he'll wake up on after a late afternoon nap. I'm a bit hesitant.

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