Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Let me first say that I highly recommend the minty pea puree. J was a bit skeptical at first but ended up being pleasantly surprised. It was refreshing and delicious.

The Lemon Broth, excuse me, Brodetto was also good. It added the perfect acid zing to the richness of the salmon.

Next time I would broil the salmon instead of pan sautee it because I feel like I can control the oil content much better by broiling. That's how I usually cook it so I am able to determine if it's too done or too rare much easier than pan sauteeing. I also would have much smaller pieces of salmon.

At the last minute I cooked some pasta. I have to have a protein, veggie and starch with all of my dinners. I topped it with the remaining Brodetto and Parmesan cheese. That was pretty good too.

So here it is. In all it's glory. Please note that I didn't garnish it with a mint sprig like Giada but otherwise I think they look pretty similar. Here's to the Chef.

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Anonymous said...

The lighting and photography don't do your salmon justice. It looked as good as Giada's and was great.