Thursday, February 01, 2007

You think the weather's bad around here...

ask the Little Buddy how he feels.

I haven't been around the blogging world much because the LB has been awfully cranky the past few days. It's very unlike him and I had no clue anything was up. Another reason to feel like a bad mom. His nose was a bit runny but that was it, so until yesterday I just chalked it up to a bad mood. Well, he has an ear infection in both ears.

Yesterday afternoon I got kind of worried because I couldn't settle him down. I talked to the doctor on call and she said to just watch him and bring him today. Well, then he got worse and his nose started bleeding and this is going to sound ridiculous but I kept thinking about the baby on What About Brian (who lost her hearing because of some ear infections gone awry) so I took him to the emergency room. By that point he had calmed down and they said it would be a long wait and I got skeevish from all the other sick kids and left. Anyway, I probably shouldn't have told the Dr. my 'What About Brian' concerns because now I am sure they have me tagged as a Neurotic Mother. That's if they haven't already since I walk in and out of there every time by opening the door with a tissue.

But hopefully my sweet LB is on the mend.

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