Friday, February 16, 2007

Schulte's left La Petite

I am so saddened by this food news that I am beside myself. J and I love La Petite Grocery. We have always frequented the bar because the bartenders are the greatest-friendliest and most professional-and we loved the part owner and hostess (I don't even know her name, I can't believe that, because I should and I felt like she was a friend)-not to mention that they give great sized wine pours. That's always important. None of this 2 oz. stuff that you can gulp down in one sip-or atleast I can. It was the first dinner we had out alone after we had the Little Buddy, right before Katrina came to town. And now the Schulte's are gone. The Lagniappe said it had something to do with not having more control over their decisions. I don't blame them. Now I have never been a chef but I worked in the industry and I know how frustrated a chef gets if they feel powerless, much less if they are part owner.

It's a sad day and they will be missed. The article also said that there would be some changes-food and decor. I don't like changes. I'll have to do some soul searching before I decide if we are going back sans Schultes.

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