Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A day in the life of W

Today I thought I would take pictures of a Day in the Life of the Little Buddy. I got some great photos. The plan was to share them with my fans but today really wasn't all that exciting. A bit more boring than usual so I will just post the highlights.

Here's W putting on his shoes. Close, but no cigar.

We finally got out the door to meet friends for coffee talk and ran into more. That's always fun!

We went to the park then came home to read W's books out of his READ Nola backpack. His idea.

He took a nap, not a long one. I fixed him some egg salad and blueberries. Wouldn't eat any of that but he will always eat a nana.

He can play for hours stuffing the tips of my running shoelaces into the holes so I got the colander and spaghetti idea from Parents Magazine. If your baby likes to do fine motor skill things like that you should try it. It took up a good 45 minutes.

We played out back for awhile. Then Papa came to visit, thank goodness, because he was tired of his boring ole Mama. W didn't waste any time letting him in the door.

They strolled around the block. He must have needed his hands because "Look! No hands!" We need to get him a Jazz Fest "How ya gonna clap?!" strap.

After their stroll we lounged in the sunporch. He is fascinated with fans, especially the one on the sunporch.

and seems as if Papa is too.
And now good night, it is time to sleep. Nigh Nigh.


Anonymous said...

Fun day!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Y'all looked so cute in the coffee shop... well actually Melissa and Mila did the other babies were UGLY!!!