Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Not much going on right now. The Little Buddy has been really funny lately. He's learned how to sniff flowers and thinks it's hilarious when we do it. He's pretty smooth at walking up and down the steps at Mimo and Papa's but won't do it at home. He seems so big lately and I know he's just going to get bigger. I can finally make out a few words, barely. "Gol" for Goldfish and "dey dey" for thank you. So we are making progress.

I gave him yogurt covered raisins from Whole Foods the other day. and he is a fan. I find that he eats the best while strolling through the store. I usually get a pack of string cheese and open it. He usually has a banana and now the raisins. Don't worry, we pay for it all.

I think I wrote about this issue a year ago. The bitchy moms you see that have no interest in saying hi or even smiling. The only thing I can think is that a. It's not her first child so she has no interest in new mom friends (not that I'm trying to make friends at the store) b. Her toddler is very trying and she is just really tired or c. She is just a bitch. I've been to a new class several times and afterwards I've seen the same mom at a different grocery store. Both times she barely acknowledged me. I am sure that if I had not given a smile and said hi she wouldn't have even nodded in my direction. Whatever her excuse, be it a. b. or c. -it doesn't make for a nice impression. I just don't get it.

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