Tuesday, March 06, 2007

W and I got locked out of the new house for the first, and hopefully, the last time today. We had just gotten back from the park and we went out back to water the bed that the sprinklers don't reach. I didn't put on his sweater even though it was starting to get chilly because I figured we wouldn't be out for long. He was kind of cranky but wouldn't eat the turkey burger I fixed him but he was satisfied with a peanutbutter cracker. W loves the hose so was helping me in my watering duties. He got a bit wet but no big deal and then dropped his cracker in the water.

I told him it was time to go inside so he promptly followed me to the door only to find the back door doesn't have a handle on it. I guess I've never noticed because I don't usually shut the door behind me when we're outside. But today, I guess after having gotten our electric bill I was being energy conscious, I shut it. No handle. Darn! Oh, and aren't our brand new gates with deadbolts that we just had installed last week sooo safe? So we were locked in. Really locked in, no getting in, and no getting out either. I went around to the side gate to scream for the neighbor across the street-she's the only one I know well enough to scream to- but she didn't come out. I climbed onto the wall thinking I could pull W up behind me but it was too high so I waited for passing cars hoping to flag a stranger down to use their cell phone (really safe considering this crime ridden environment we live in but I had no choice). W thought is was a hoot seeing his fat ass mom scramble oh-so-gracefully up the wall. But after a few minutes being down on the ground, he wasn't laughing so much. Then I saw her. The neighbor!!! "Heeeeeyyyyyyy!" I yelled.
"Hey! What's up?"
What did she think? I just liked to hang out on the wall. I guess to her defense she doesn't really know me. Maybe she thought I was just the new kookie neighbor hanging out on the wall.
To make a long story short....she called J at work. Told him the situation. So I crawled down and waited patiently for him to come home. and then I saw it. The handle on the back door. It does have a handle. I was trying to get in the wrong door.

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