Monday, March 05, 2007

J will be mortified that I am writing about this but I have to. Have you ever heard anyone say that they have to go #2 everytime they enter a book store. I have, and it's true for me. Not just book stores, but libraries, video stores and Hallmark stores. Any place that I want to take my time and peruse the selections. Maybe it's gross, but it's true. Today I took him to the library. I am in desperate need of reading material so I thought since the library is pretty close and it's free that I may as well take advantage of our tax paying dollars. So W and I trekked over to the library this afternoon and joined. I told him the "quiet rules" and we headed upstairs to see what we could find. As I walked back through the stacks, W didn't follow. He stood right at the top of the stairs. I could still see him so I figured he was okay until I heard the grunt...and I saw the strained look on his face. He hasn't yet figured out either that BM's are taboo to the rest of the world so he doesn't look away in shame. In fact, he will stare you down, which he was doing to some highschool kid sitting at a computer facing W.

And I thought, "Isn't that always the way. I'm trying to take my time, to liesurely pick out a good book and now we have to leave." But I guess if it hadn't of been him, it would have been me:)

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Anonymous said...

I know the feeling. Whenever I go into Starbucks I feel the urge to drop some friends off at the pool (you know what I mean). It must be the aroma from the cafe Latte's.
But honey, let me tell you, Pepto Bismol works miracles!!