Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Little Buddy's friend hurt himself this morning and was whisked away to the doctor. Luckily, he is okay but gosh, it was so traumatic. They are just so little and so fearless and don't know how to protect themselves. So there were a lot of tears of worry and a lot of tears of relief today but I think now the scariest part is trying our best to protect them but not so much that they turn into Mama's boys.

Then I started thinking of things that can happen to them. And my mind goes crazy and that will be never ending. But for example, soon we will have to worry about other mean boys hurting them. What if someone is picking on them? Or someone beats them up or pushes them down? Don't mess with my baby, believe me. A friend with older kids once told me that when a kid is mean to her kid she just wants to "kick their ass". And if it happens around here, I think I just might.

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