Sunday, March 25, 2007

W has been getting very upset lately when I tell him "No, No" as he tries to push another kid out of the way to get to something. Trying to teach him the concept of sharing and it's just trying to me. But I got an email from Baby Center on 19 month olds that said this:

Other developments: Craving an audience, preparing for a sibling
Though your toddler's desire to be the show-stopper 24/7 may have waned a little bit, he still enjoys an audience. Expect repeat performances of any antics that get a response from you. He thrives on adoring adult attention, and may wither if you scold him. If you tell him not to do something in a harsh or impatient tone, he may cry and come to you for a hug since he needs reassurance that you're not angry with him.

It's always reassuring to know that his behavior is 'normal'.

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