Thursday, March 08, 2007

Papa came over this afternoon to visit us since he hasn't seen the Little Buddy is so long. Mimo has been under the weather so we haven't been over to see them. I opened a bottle of wine since it was 6 o'clock. He didn't want me to but I did anyway. I found something in the bar and popped it open. I vaguely remembered that he gave it to us for Valentines. Well, he said it was delicious and went in to see what it was so he could get some for himself. He didn't remember what it was or where he got it. After he left and John came home, we remembered, at the same time.

On our year of dating anniversary I gave it to J with a poem saying that it was to be open on our 5th year of dating anniversary. I guess I didn't want to jinx us by saying "drink it on our first year wedding anniversary". So we have been waiting. and waiting and waiting. Every month I ask J if it's time to drink the darn bottle.

I am so bummed. Completely bummed. Not that it won't be enjoyed on this random Thursday night, but I am truly upset. I looked online to see if I could find another bottle to buy. It's now worth $85. I think I bought it at $50. I never save wine. We pretty much buy it and drink it so that it had gone up in value was pretty cool to see.

So a toast:
It's been a great 5 years
and I have to say
that I wouldn't want my life
to be any other way.

I've got a sweet husband
and a really cute tot
who I love and love
a really whole lot.

So let's drink this wine
and celebrate us
To 100 more years
of love and lust (didn't have anything else to rhyme, not trying to be kinky)

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