Friday, March 16, 2007

Fun fact: W doesn't love beef tips

L had told me many times how delicious the beef tips were at Langenstein's. Not the kind that were already packaged over noodles but the ones they keep all the way to the back in the freezer. She was right. So I thought for sure W would like some noodles with the gravy. Lately I've been feeding him supper over at Mimo and Papa's. He plays hard and then he seems to like to eat more in the highchair that they bought. I packed up the gravy and the pasta and presented them to him. He was only interested in stirring them up. Fine, he does that for awhile and then usually comes around to the idea of putting them in his mouth. He fed me some. Then fed me some more and during one of those times I caught him with his mouth open so I loaded some in there while he was distracted. Talk about pissed off. He poked out his lip like I had really hurt his feeling and began wailing. Poor Little Buddy. I felt bad for tricking him. Papa felt sorry for him like any good grandpa should and gave about 10 stale gingersnaps. That was his dinner.


NolaMom said...

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Chalsie said...

Great work.