Wednesday, March 07, 2007

We went to Daneel park yesterday and this lady had a big ole standard poodle running around. She swore that he was friendly but I let her know that W gets freaked out by dogs so she was nice enough to keep him away.

sidenote: my pet peeve (this will probably make people mad) is when people let there dogs run wild at Daneel Park. It's not a dog park-it's specifically geared for children and there is dog poo all over the field and I've seen many a dog snap at a young child who wanted to play with it. Not to mention the fact that W is a little freaked out by snippy dogs. Audubon park or the fly or city park I think are better suited for dogs.

Anyway, W seemed really intrigued and walked right on over to the dog. The last thing I want is for him to be scared of dogs. I'm not a huge animal fan but I do like dogs. We had Ingersol forever but he was old and sweet, didn't bark and didn't really jump up on people. That's the way I like them. But my goal is to get W comfortable around dogs especially because of Cousin Jude, Aunt Jojo and Uncle RaRa's beagle. He pet the dog, looked at it sideways, petted him some more. All in all a big success. A big step in W's world of animals.

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