Thursday, March 08, 2007

Little Laughter on Magazine

A friend gave me the heads up on the new spring stuff at Little Laughter. They used to have a website but I can't pull it up. But here it is anyway, just in case it gets up and running again. As I've said before, it's hands down one of my favorite children's stores. She was right. I got the Little Buddy some cute red sandals for the summer and two cute sun suits. I would've gotten more but I used complete self-control. And then you can stroll right across the street to shop for yourself!!! at Azby's. Which I did. I bought a top for myself and some new sassy patent leather heels. and talk about spring shipment-it looked like the store had been emptied out and refilled with all new clothes for spring. I sound like an ad, hunh? Well, I'm not getting paid for it. I'm telling the truth.

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