Friday, April 20, 2007

Crawfish on the Patio

We just finished eating crawfish, the first time for me this season. Golly, I forget how good they are. We didn't boil them ourselves, we let the Little Fisherman Big Fisherman (he grew up, I guess) do the dirty work. The LB wouldn't eat any but he ate gingersnaps 3 at a time. We only got 5 pounds, it was enough but definitely not too much. I had to eat slowly because J, not being a local and all, isn't as fast as me. Every time we eat crawfish, I offer to give him a few helpful hints. He never takes me up on them. He's a proud man. When we were still dating my parents had a crawfish boil birthday party/Bacchus party for me. It was the first time I'd seen him eat crawfish. I was embarrassed for him. It took him forever to peel five. Maybe I should have been embarrassed for myself considering the gluttonous pile of shells I had in front of me. To his credit, he's gotten a lot faster since. He said tonight that he would be the one to teach W how to peel crawfish. Little Buddy, I'll show you when he's not around. We'll just let him think that he taught you how to be the expert peeler that you will be.


Anonymous said...

That's a total lie. I'm faster than Nola Mom, by far.

NolaMom said...

Don't get upset. You've definitely closed the gap. You used to peel 1 pound to my 3, maybe 4. Now you peel 1 pound for every 2 pounds that I peel.