Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It's The Little Buddy, here.

I thought I would fill in for Mom right now. She hasn't been blogging much. I think she's tired. That's what I can gather from the past few weeks. Dad has been waking up with me in the morning and we've been tearing the house UP! Boy, it's been fun. Then we go back upstairs and Mom is still in bed. Dad takes a shower and I play around until I hear the water turn off and then bust on in for the rest of our playtime.

I'm not really sure what's going on but some things I know that make me think something's goin' on around here:

1. Mom doesn't wake up until later.
2. Mom isn't drinking her 5 o'clock glass of wine. I kind of miss that. She was always really fun when she had her glass of wine.
3. And Dad's the only one getting a top shelf frozen margarita at Superior these days.
3. She's not really cooking dinner for Dad either. What's up with that? She always loved to cook. Now we go to the grocery and pick something up ready to eat and she just eats a baked potato and cottage cheese. Blah.
4. She's kind of let herself go. Don't get me wrong, Mom, I love you and think you're beautiful no matter how fat you get.
5. I overheard her talking about getting another crib. I already have a crib. Don't need another one. It does the job. Hear that?!
6. She wears the same clothes over and over and over again. Dad, you gotta tell her to go shopping.
7. She cries at silly things.
8. When they go out at night. They come home really early. I don't think they go out for that after dinner drink anymore.
9. They keep referring to someone called the Littler Buddy. Whatever that is. I'm the Little Buddy. I'm not getting any smaller. It's throwing me for a loop.

I'll keep you posted on anymore clues.

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