Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I'm finally getting excited about the new house. We've gotten everything out of Upperline and we are almost finished distributing the junk in the dining room to it's respective rooms. Once we get our 8 foot ladder and our big screen tv we will be really on fire. I should probably take a picture of the curtains that hang in the den and the hallways. Blah. that way I can show you a before and after. I think I will. But anyway, they are coming down. I'm in the process of getting a bound carpet for the den that will be baby proof. We'll take down the curtains, put a dimmer on the "lodge like" chandelier, hang the big screen, get 2 new swivel club chairs and be good to go.

The Sunporch or the PortCachere-I call it one thing, J calls it the other is looking good too and I am super excited about my fabrics for the Living Room. Things are coming together.

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