Saturday, April 14, 2007

The power of music

I don't listen to music much anymore unless it's a kid cd. W has his favorite playing in the car and I find myself singing along happily. It's pretty good and he smiles the minute I put it on. Every now and then I can hear him singing the Hippopotomus song. Anyway, I came across a mixed tape that my friend, Katherine made me in 1990. She always made really cool mixed tapes. Maybe she still does, I don't know but the ones she made when we were in highschool and college were. I found one in all of the crap that we have piled up in our dining room from the move. It was like finding a treasure. I literally remember opening the package in my dorm room and being so excited to have something to drown out the country all around me (I'm a huge country fan now, though) I won't bore you with the playlist but just so you can get an idea:
Stones, Dire STraits, STeely Dan, Dan Fogelberg, CS & N, John Cougar, Joni Mitchell, Doobie Bros. and the list goes on.
I put it in this afternoon on my way to work out and golly, I felt like I was driving around the fraternity/sorority circle, in my hand me down Park Avenue Buick at TCU again. It's funny to think of what kind of music reminds of you of certain people.

Katherine listened to such good, different music than other people. A little bit of everything
Country definitely reminds me of Rowanne and "I can't sleep at all last night" from Animal House. I won't tell you why, because it's silly, albeit funny
and The Doors remind me of Jean just because the summer of our freshman year in highschool we were counselors at Valencia Day Camp and we rode around listening to them-Riders on the Storm specifically stands out.
Jennifer-she'll kill me but, Air Supply
Mathilde-the girl groups-she harmonized particularly well with them
Merriman-Grateful Dead and alternative
Ashley-Frank Sinatra
Melissa and Lessley-Crash Test Dummies-from the year that the party never ended
My dad-Kenny Rogers and Strolling Through the Park One Day
My brother-Kiss and Grateful Dead and Deep Purple (that was the first song that I remember him learning on his guitar and there's that one chord that will stick in my mind FOREVER)
My husband- each and every song on our honeymoon disc will always remind me of him-we took it with us and played it when we were getting ready to go cocktailing every night. It's all good, loud-singing music. I will ALWAYS love that disc.
and now the Little Buddy-Ticklish Toes, in addition to the made up songs I sing, all to the same tune of course with his "ha ha's" that he gives me for the chorus-always at just the right time.

It's crazy fun how much music can bring back memories. I've had the best time writing this remembering all of the songs that let us sing.

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