Friday, April 13, 2007

Pretty Dern Happy

I'm a bit late on writing this post. We've been very busy, going to the park, hosting playgroup and seeing friends new babies but 2 days ago I tevoed Oprah. And while lately, actually since her horrible Katrina series way back when, I have been deleting her. In college I truly believed that Oprah could hang with us, be our best friend, if you will. I looooved her. She could do no wrong. Now I don't put her up on such a high pedestal but I do enjoy a show every now and again. Anyway, she seems to be on this "pursuit of happiness" kick and this show was about how to be happy. It didn't tell you anything new but for me it just made me think. I took a 5 question quiz along with a million other people which you can find at and what it told me was I'm pretty darn happy. I just don't consciously think about whether I'm happy or not on a daily basis. So what this show did for me was to kick my consciousness into gear so that I can be thankful everyday for not just what I have, because for that I am always thankful, but for being this happy. I am a true cynic. I complain a lot. It's in my nature. But since watching the show I realized that that's not even fun anymore because there's no reason for it. So if you feel like being happy, or feel like knowing that you're happy check it out.


Anonymous said...

Nolamom, I love W's favorite things and your pretty darn happy. I hope you are saving all these for w to read one day! Also, I'll never forget being somewhere a couple of years ago and I blurted out loud, "quit touching me!" I got many ugly looks from others and some sympathetic ones from those who knew exactly what i was feeling. One day I'll miss all that hanging on me, but at least maybe they'llstill hand me their trash! B gave me his chewed up gum not to long ago...lovely! -eliz

NolaMom said...

I sometimes wish my mom would still take my chewed up gum. She does always find something for me to put it in though.