Thursday, April 05, 2007

The worrying

It's been an exhausting day. I'm pregnant if you didn't know and went for my 12 week checkup. I'm what they called an advanced maternal aged mother so I was supposed to let my doctor know if I was going to have the full battery of tests that ACOG recommends. I had made my decision (it's been a hard one with lots of worry and second guessing) but then he told me I had a few more days! AAAAHHHHH! I was a basket case. I cried. He thinks I'm a loon, I'm sure. Because I was a bitch the time before since I had to wait 3 hours (not kidding) and this time I waited for an hour. It's Ochsner. It's a nightmare. If I didn't love and respect my doctor so much I would be out of there. I had W at Memorial Baptist and it was such a pleasant experience, from the time I got pregnant to the time I delivered (luckily I delivered a few days before the storm, otherwise I may have another opinion). Sorry, I could go on for days about Ochsner so I won't bore you.

Back to my point. I finally talked to my good and wise friend, A. I should have called her to begin with. It was a relevation when I thought about calling her. So after 5 minutes I had made my decision and she was right. I just needed to make the decision, move on and not look back. I only wish that it were 40 years ago. Then I wouldn't have to worry about any of this. I could drink and eat tuna fish and deli meat and ceasar salads made with raw eggs. I could eat the stinkiest, most unpasteurized cheese I could find. I could take a steaming hot bath and soak for hours. I wouldn't have to think about which tests I were going to take. and since women had babies earlier in life, I wouldn't be a mother of advanced maternal age. I know. There are a ton of advantages to child bearing now. The advances in medicine are phenomenal and I certainly don't discount that. But it's the worrying that just may kill me.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I hope you are not feeling too bad. We have to get together before you get too uncomfortable.