Monday, April 23, 2007

I cried for them

For us locals, the reopening of Camellia Grill was a long time coming. I've imagined almost everyday stuffing down a chili cheese omelet with french fries, oozing with hot cheese and covered with the perfect of amount of chili. and when I'm imagining it, I am eating the whole thing. Deeeelicious. I'm worried about how long it will take me to get over there. We can't bring the Little Buddy because you sit at a counter on a stool and I don't think W would sit for very long. I think we're going to have to go on a night when we have a babysitter. That's okay though. as long as I get my omelet. or should I have a Camellia Grill special, or just a cheeseburger, or all three?

Uncle RaRa and Aunt JoJo went today. They waited in line for 30 minutes. Not too bad. Probably the same amount of time you would have waited pre-Katrina. They finally sat down and ordered. They waited patiently, while they gazed around at everyone biting into their juicy burgers and licking the last bites of chili off of their plates and slurping down their milkshakes. and then it happened.......................

The transformer blew across the street. The lights went out and they kicked everyone out who hadn't received their order.

They ended up at O'Henry's. I find it one of the dirtiest, most pitiful, incompetent places in town. I shed a tear for them.

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