Thursday, July 19, 2007

Attack of the Ducks

I knew the ducks at Audubon Park were not scared of people. It's apparent as you walk by. They kind of leer at you, but I don't think I've fed them since I was a kid. The LB and I needed something to do to pass the time yesterday so we brought a bag of old buns and headed over there. We parked on Prytania and walked into the park. Before we could get to the main track I noticed a few of the ducks walking toward us, which was odd, because like I said, they don't really give people the time of day. And all OF A SUDDEN THEY WERE INCHES FROM US. I picked up the LB while realizing they saw the bag of buns and they started to go ballistic. Quacking like you've never heard them quack before. I started tossing out pieces of the bread. The smaller ducks took off running but the Mama ducks kept at us, closer and closer. I was absolutely panicked. W was hysterically laughing while clutching onto me. and I ran. Moral of the story: Don't feed the ducks.

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