Monday, July 30, 2007

Picture this..

a fat pregnant lady on her knees, leaning onto an ottoman with her butt on the edge of the chair and her belly hanging watching tv. That's me in my most comfortable position. Probably too much information. It's getting to that uncomfortable point where it doesn't feel good to stand, sit or lay down. There just is not a good option but I think I feel sorriest for the Little Buddy. He has got to be soooo bored. I don't have any motivation for anything. Cooking is getting to be miserable because after 15 minutes on my feet, my back feels like breaking. I think Hamburger Helper is even too long of a process. Tonight I cooked meat stuffed pasta shells (I think I am going to stick to A's famous lasagna) and a Panzanella salad which actually was delicious. I may even make it again tomorrow night. I used leftover garlic bread from Whole Foods and a bit of La Boulangerie's ciabatta bread. I kind of winged the recipe-read up on Emeril, Ina (Barefoot Contessa) and Giada's recipes and kind of put them all together.

This is what I did. Made the salad dressing with garlic, let the grape tomatoes marinate a bit in the dressing with salt and pepper. Tossed in the bread cubes then decided they needed to be harder so I fished them out and toasted them. Right before we were ready to eat I shaved in the parmesan, tore up the fresh basil, added back the bread and tossed it with the remaining dressing. Dee-licious. Really. If you want a more accurate recipe, just let me know.

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