Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ode to J

I feel like a bad wife, lately. My patience is wearing thin, although I feel relatively good, I'm tired and hot and I find myself taking it out on J. He's the best, really and I need to keep myself in check or he'll soon go running for the hills. He works all day, hard and works at night too and he even finds the energy to wake up with the LB, feed him breakfast, let him roam around our room while I sneak out and go downstairs to eat breakfast and read the paper before my day with the LB begins and then when he comes home he takes the LB upstairs while he changes out of his suit, then he gets the LB ready for bed and puts him to bed too. Whew. I'm even more tired just thinking about his life.

and I get all giddy when he comes home early and I know that he thinks its because he can play with W so I can relax but it's not that really. I get giddy when he comes home early so that we get a chance to hang out and talk before the nightly tv marathon begins. Tivo has changed the way we watch tv and I always thought for the better but it just allows the room for more and more and more shows to come into our lives until finally we aren't doing anything else but watching tv. It must stop. I'm getting couch potato-ish.

But the point of all of this is to thank J for everything he does and to tell him I love him. Because I forget to do that as I am fast forwarding through the next commercial.

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E said...

That was so sweet! W e should all take the time to create odes to our loved ones.