Saturday, July 21, 2007

Our anniversary at Restaurant August

J and I went to August for our anniversary tonight. We got there and of course they sat us at a table which I hated. I swear I get anxious every time I walk into a restaurant because I always expect the worst. I can't stand to have a spot light shining on the table when I got out to eat and it seems as if every single restaurant thinks this is a necessary component of dining. Our table was in one of the back rooms. It was 6:30 and full light outside and they sat us in the darkest room possible at a table with spot light shining on the seat where I would prefer to sit, looking out towards the dining room. So I had to take the seat facing the wall which makes me totally claustrophobic. Luckily the food was enough to distract me from this. But if you do go to August ask to sit in the front room. I felt like my dad who has to bring a flashlight with him when he dines out so he can see the menu. Unfortunately, I wasn't prepared so I moved the candle to my menu so I could read it.

We decided to do the 5 course tasting menu. I was so excited! This was our menu. My menu descriptions are probably not totally accurate but here goes:

1. Grilled watermelon with grilled baby heirloom tomatoes drizzled with a balsamic reduction sauce.
I thought I would really enjoy this course. It sucked. The flavors were totally off, the tomatoes were bitter and the balsamic reduction tasted , this will sound crazy, fishy. When the waiter came to clear the course he got flustered and made a comment about me leaving so much on my plate. He said the chef would be upset. From working in the industry, I understood his worry, and told him to tell the chef that I was pregnant and that I can't eat that much. This would backfire on me later.

2. Olive crusted sheepshead on a bed of basil risotto and garnished with fried baby heirloom tomatoes stuffed with an aioli.
This was my hands down favorite course. Unbelievable. I basically licked the plate clean. Which is why I then had to explain to the waiter that that was going to put me over the edge of fullness so the chef wouldn't catch on that I didn't really like the first course and he wouldn't take it out on the waiter.

3. Rabbit sausage with white beans and tomatoes
Really, really delicious.

4. Kobe beef short ribs resting on an artichoke puree, garnished with steamed asparagus.
I'm not sure I have ever had Kobe beef before. It was tender and good. I enjoyed it. But there was something missing. The lack of this something didn't make this dish bad though. It was really good.

5. Creole Tomatoe pie and tomatoe sorbet
This was the only reason I hesitated in suggesting to J that we get the Tasting Menu. I'm pregnant for goodness sakes and I want something rich and delicious for dessert. The only time in my life that I crave sweets instead of another glass of wine. Not just because I can't have the wine, I have a big sweet tooth also. Anyway, talk about expecting the worst.....AND GETTING THE BEST! It was so unexpectedly decadent. It was like a tiny Hubig's Pie (and I love me a Hubig's Pie) with tomatoes instead of apples. I could have done without the sorbet.

My only other complaint was that they rushed us in and out of there. I think we had the whole 5 course menu in 65 minutes. Poor J had atleast 2 glasses of wine in front of him at all times. So the experience per se wasn't the best but it was a fun, delicious night and a very good substitute for our upcoming anniversary.

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