Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Yaaay! Today the slipcover was ready for one chair in the pecky cyprus room. I was a bit nervous about the color. I was worried it would be too dark but it turned out to be beautiful. I tried to take a photo for you but the color didn't really show it so I'll try to explain. It's a deep caramel color in a luxurious linen fabric. I love it. I haven't sat on it yet. I won't. For some reason I feel like if I sit on it...I don't know what my fear is but it looks so pretty just being a virgin slipcover. At the rate I'm going by the year 3000 I will finally have my house the way I want it! Yaaay! The couch is going to be taken away next week to be reupholstered. I can barely contain my excitement and by then maybe the rug will be here and it will hopefully begin to feel like a new room. I almost bought a new couch but this one is the best. It's a hand me down from my parents but it's good and sturdy and some really good brand of old couch my mom swears by and J can even lay on it all spread out, if he wanted, because it's so long.

The LB has been sleeping since it came. I'm not sure what he will think about his chair being recovered and in a totally different color. I wonder if he'll be wary of sitting on it, too? I'll keep you posted.

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