Friday, July 06, 2007

Big Brother 8

I wasn't very inspired by the cast of BB8 this season. I am sure that some of them will grow on me but can anyone ever match Will's personality. I don't think so. I didn't much like the twist of them sending in rivals/enemies. It's kind of old. They already did that-Alison's and Jason's season, although I am intrigued about Danielle's hatred for her freak of a father. From what I gather she is embarrassed not only by his looks but by his attitude and lack of morals. I am just guessing. Even though I wasn't smitten with any of the cast, the show was still good and it was over before I could say Expect the Unexpected.

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Anonymous said...

maybe its just a lack of anything else to watch and my desire to procrastinate everything i need to be doing, but I have watched two episodes now. I agree with you Danielle and Evil are the most interesting. I like Joe's ex also. The football player is pretty cute. =e