Monday, July 09, 2007

I am already a neurotic mother but because the Little Buddy is relatively calm and sweet and mild mannered I have found that I am a lot more relaxed about some things than I should be. I have discovered this in the past few days dealing with some incidents that nearly threw me over the edge. The last straw was this morning when we were hanging out in bed watching J get ready for work. The LB was lounging up against the pillows with his vintage nursery cards that he so loves, taking them out of the box, putting them back in, pointing out the animals, when he looked like he was scooching off the bed to follow J into the closet. He can do it so I wasn't concerned. But instead of schooching off he landed with a loud THUD on his back. He cried, hard, but he was okay. I checked his limbs for breaks and he slid off of me and went about his business with a smile on his face. But it really scared me. Accidents happen so fast. and I need to get ready for the new baby because I have a feeling that he/she won't be as good or as easy as W. With W I didn't have to worry about random little things hanging around anywhere because he NEVER put anything in his mouth. Things like that. I need to gear up for a child that does the usual baby things that W never did and it's kind of overwhelming me. There is so much to do. I also want this baby to have a nursery that W never did. His room was an office/guest/nursery with a closet that was mostly mine besides the fact that he didn't get to live in for the first 4 months of his life because of Katrina. So there's painting and organizing and rearranging and decorating to be done. and we all know how I am about making a decision. It takes me forever. I hope 3 months is enough time!

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