Saturday, July 28, 2007

Motivated Haircut

W's hair was getting long. It was starting to grow over his ears and J said it was looking kind of 'girly' the way that it fell in the back and he insisted it was time to take him to the barbershop. I've trimmed a bit here and there over the past few months but only on one side when he is distracted in the bathtub.

Today was the big day. J took him to the barber. Now, J is a marine so he tends towards a motivated haircut, himself. Although lately he's gotten a wild hair (no pun intended) and has let the time in between cuts get longer and longer as does his hair and you can even see a few curls here and there. But this is about the Little Buddy. A motivated do is okay for a Marine so I told him he could take him only if they didn't touch his bangs. I was scared they would cut them straight across. So off they went.

J said he was the good Little Buddy that he always is and the barber was even bragging to his co-barber about how well behaved W was for a first timer. I asked if he cried. J said, "Not so much." He looks kind of distressed to me. Judge for yourself.

The finished product...well, I'll just say that he looks like a little marine and you can easily see the resemblance between me, my dad and W with the ears now sticking out. but atleast they didn't touch his bangs.

I guess this is just another milestone to remind me yet again that my baby is growing up. It makes me teary-eyed.

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