Thursday, July 26, 2007

I do!

The Little Buddy babbles alot and says something that sounds like "I loo, I loo, I loo" and the faster he says it and he says it pretty fast, it starts to sound like "I doI doI doI do". So when he starts saying it I pipe in, "Who loves Mommy?!" and he stops, listens and responds with his
"IdoIdoIdodo I do!!!". It's too cute.

Daneel Park has finally been mowed. I have reason to believe that it was a neighbor who had it mowed since I know that she sends her handyman over to empty out the trashcans and also because these days that doesn't seem like a top priority for the city (well, alot of things don't seem like a priority but that's a subject for someone more well spoken/well written). Whatever the case we are very appreciative because Audubon playground is just too sunny in the heat of the summer and the LB was getting frustrated wading through the belly high grass.

73 days left! of pregnancy. I'm takin' it day by day. Tonight I realized, as we were watching tv, that my belly button has disappeared. It totally grosses me out and I'm ready for my bb to resurface.

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