Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What a day

Had my marathon of appointments at the hospital for today. All pointless, maybe except for the gestational diabetes test. Did that first, then had to go to an appt to discuss my anesthesia options and watch a 12 minute video on vaginal birth and anesthesia-again pointless because I am scheduled for a c-section and even if they did address the c-section stuff, still pointless since I 've already been through it. Went back to the lab to have the blood drawn. The girl was a bitch and it hurt so frickin' bad. I cried. Really. I'm not sure what she did. I don't like needles but usually it's the anticipation that is much worse than the prick. Then I had to go to pre-registration where she informed me that my baby had to stay in my room once I delivered. I wanted to cry all over again. I don't want to sound cold and heartless but it will be the only time that I can relax and recover. Oh! and she told me to bring a lot of Vaseline in case I had a boy and circumcised him because he would need that for his tallywag. WHAT!?! Don't the nurses take care of all that? They did for the Little Buddy. I don't think I even got a good look at it until he was like 3 weeks. I am truly concerned about the state of our healthcare in this city.

So, I leave and it's storming. I decide to take a different route than usual and I get stuck at a standstill because the roads are flooding. No, nothing has changed since the storm. I finally make my way close to home and all I want to do is go drink a big, fat, glass of wine in a really dark bar, okay, if I'm being honest, all I want to do is drink a bottle of wine. That's obviously out of the question so I opted for Wendy's instead. I really wanted Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun but it had already taken me so long to get down the avenue going 5 miles an hour and knew that it would take much longer to get to McD's all the while risking flooding my own car so I did the smart thing and headed towards the river (high ground, there's a natural ridge there) to the Wendy's. I didn't dine in, but I ate it in my car. I enjoyed it, thoroughly and it took my mind off of the bottle of wine.


www.nolanotes.com said...

They won't provide your baby boy with vasoline? Seriously, that is messed up! I know how you feel--and I know they say small amounts of liquor are fine for the baby, but you sound like me: I want a bottle, not a glass, of wine when I've had a bad day. Ugh!

Hang in there! Glad you enjoyed your Wendy's.

NolaMom said...

Hopefully the pre-registration lady didn't know what she was talking about. She seemed more intent on being my friend than on the process.