Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Croup

The Croup. That's what the Little Buddy has. His nose was running but he seemed in pretty good spirits until he woke up early from his nap coughing like a seal, wheezing and crying. Luckily between my mom instincts and what I had heard about it from a friend I called the doctor. All I could think about was having to go to the ER at Children's Friday night. I was sure the doctor would think I was crazy. But they didn't. It was the Croup. The doctor was surprised that it showed up during the day because it usually gets worse at night. So we got his medicine and came home only to him getting worse. He started violently shaking and wheezing again. I wrapped him in a blanket on my lap where he sat perfectly still for a half hour but when his eyes started to close but he was still shaking I got scared. So we went and sat in the bathroom with a hot shower running for 20 minutes and it helped dramatically. It was an awful hour or so but then he seemed to feel better. I guess the medicine finally kicked in. We put him in the car for a ride to pick up our dinner at Byblos with the windows down (supposedly fresh air and humidity makes it better, which it did). By the way, Byblos once again disappointed. My order was wrong. I'm over it for a long while. Anyway, the night was uneventful, W even slept in a bit and today he seems much better. Still coughing with a runny nose like a faucet but J took him to the park for more fresh air and he had a blast.

I feel like I've been through so many scary sicknesses with him. High fevers, throw ups, 2 ear infections and now this and to think this is just the beginning. I always get really anxious at night anyway, worrying about things, anything really, but when the LB is sick my anxiety increases tenfold. I can't even imagine worrying about two kids.

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