Tuesday, July 17, 2007

We are going stir crazy! what with all of this rain on top of being quarantined with the croup. It came on so quickly. By looking at this picture you would never know that he got the croup the very next day.
He is much, much better. All he had today was a runny nose and a little cough but by the end of the day he was even better than this morning. Hopefully, there will be no trace of anything tomorrow because we are running out of fun things to do around here. Puddling playing was the highlight of our day today.

Here's a closer look.


Anonymous said...

man he is cute!!! he looks just like you! what is the parenting center? i think they talk about it in "the nanny diaries" too. we don't have one in alabama.

NolaMom said...

The Parenting Center is a place at Children's Hospital that originally was founded as a partnership with the Junior League of New Orleans and the hospital as a resource for parents and a child proof play area for kids 4 and under. They sponsor classes (CPR, breastfeeding seminars, classes for new moms etc.), have a library of videos and books for parents, and have an indoor and outdoor play area for kids. You can sit there all day while your child runs wild and has a ball. Especially great for pregnant moms who don't want to move too much!