Monday, July 09, 2007

The Diaper Nightmare

Okay. I am fed up. I ran out of diapers so I took the LB to Walmart the other day. I HATE going to stores other than Whole Foods or Langenstein's with the LB for some reason. Probably because I'm pregnant and lazy and don't want to walk farther than I have to with him. But we were out of diapers. So we get there, park, walk on the hot, hot black asphalt to get the cart, with him whining because the sun was in his eyes (I don't blame him). I get to the diaper section and they only have like a 24 pack of the diapers we use. AAAAHHHHHHH! I wanted to scream. So I had to truck it out to Target this weekend, when I could have been working in the garden, working out or just sitting on my fat ass, to get more diapers.

But while I was browsing for a book I happened to get a lightbulb idea and looked up diapers. They sell them, like everything else. I have been saved. The LB will be in this size for awhile so I am just going to buy them online and have them delivered. I am a genius. So if you want to jump on the genius bandwagon and your kid wears Pampers Cruisers, you can now buy them from my blog! Click Away!

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